The Bailiff Sings

Canadian Country Singer & Songwriter


performance-pic1Country-Folk music hasn’t seen such a refreshing, and eclectic singer/songwriter since Willie Nelson started. Introducing “The Bailiff”.

Rick Schwarzer, was born into a family with a long farming history and love of country music particularly from the Bakersfield era.  He grew up in “The Hammer” Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, a hard blue collar steel town.

For over 20 years, as a bailiff, he has been pushing and pulling in the seizure world while, for most of that time, raised his daughter following a difficult and tragic marriage. The work involves much driving time and that’s when Rick makes up songs as he goes along.

He has been in meetings in the highest board rooms, strode through the muck of neglected farm yards and acted with fairness and deference to all the families from which he’s had to take a car or whatever. All of this has given him a unique perspective on the struggle, pathos and hilarity of everyday life which is reflected in his unique songs.

Song writing came latish to The Bailiff, but when it came, it came in a flood. As of 2017, he has written over 180 songs.

Early on in his musical journey while finding his sound and direction, Rick has worked with two producers; Mathew Guevara and friend and mentor, Joseph James from Changer Productions.

For several years now, Rick has worked with the production team, Andre Bisson and J P Shalala, wherein his true and deep influence of all the great country western songs heard in his youth and the heroic T.V. cowboys he watched as a boy has come to the fore.

The Bailiff’s goal is to gather the best of all his past and future songs and perform them to as many people possible. After a long career of taking things from people, Rick wants to give something, even if it’s only a little song that might intrigue, delight or soothe someone listening.

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